River Roads Lutheran School trying to raise $175,000 or faces closure

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ST. LOUIS (KPLR) - After 147 years, the board of the River Road Lutheran School in north St. Louis has notified school administration officials that unless they can come up with $1750,000 in the next two months, the school will be forced to close.

"It was difficult to hear, but it was reality" said school finance manager Shirley Cobb.  "The parents want them to get a Christian education and they want them to get a good education and they like what they see when they come here, they just can't afford it" Cobb said.

School staff and families are turning to social media and a new campaign titled S.O.S squared, or 'Share our story, save our school' in hopes of raising the money before it's too late.

"It's going to help get us to the end of the school year and hopefully get us so we can set up a new module for next year" Cobb said.

With one son in Kindergarten and another a proud River Roads graduate, mom Paula Rivers is doing all she can to help keep the school open, knowing the impact it has had on her and her families lives.

"My hope is that we are able to fundraise and get the money the school needs to stay open" said Rivers.  "It's like a family here, everybody knows everybody, the kids love it.  It's been a process.  Even this week... I come in I think about what could happen" she said.

A worst-case scenario the longstanding school community is desperate to avoid.

The school has also set up a GoFundMe page.