Alderwoman says soccer stadium isn’t ready yet, but support seems to be growing

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ST. LOUIS (KPLR) – A vote on a proposed MLS stadium in St. Louis has been gaining support on local billboards for free. It’s also a hot topic on social media. Next Tuesday the ownership group has to present a proposal to the Major League Soccer. They also need an agreement with the city first.

Alderwoman Christine Ingrassia has a bill to use tax money to build the stadium.

Monday night SC STL ownership leader Dave Peacock said he thought his group’s proposal was good for St. Louis.  Peacock said, “We feel that’s it’s an agreement that protects the city and shifts the risk onto the ownership group.”  Tuesday night Alderwoman Ingrassia had a different view, “I see it different yes to some extent.”

About $60 million in city tax dollars would pay for the $200 million-dollar stadium.  Ingrassia said the stadium bill is not ready to be voted on by aldermen or citizens, “We need to make sure the city credit rating is not negatively impacted that we do not touch the general revenue with the debt service on any stadium project.”

Meanwhile support for a stadium vote continues to grow. DDI Media has given free space to promote the issue on six of its area billboards.  Vince Miller is president of DDI.  He said, “We think an MLS franchise would be a great opportunity for local businesses in the city we also think if they’re going to put public money in the stadium citizens should have say in the process.”

Mitch Morice is a member of the soccer loving group Stlouligans, they are determined to bring pro soccer to St. Louis. They are working at a grassroots level to put the issue to a vote.  Morice said, “We have a podcast. Members are talking about going to the different events that the alderpeople have to vote on these things.”  Ingrassia said, “At the end of the day the voters do have the right to decide but I’m not going to put forth a shoddy financial package.”

Depending upon what happens in the next hours the issue could go to the Ways and Means Committee for a vote.  Ultimately, supporters hope citizens will approve it in April.