Brentwood police investigating overnight smash and grab of electronics store

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BRENTWOOD, MO (KPLR) – Brentwood police are investigating after thieves smashed and grabbed thousands of dollars’ worth of merchandise from the iTechShark Electronics store overnight Sunday morning.

"They got away with about 15 MacBook Pro Retina Displays, about 20 iPhones and five to 10 iPads" said manager Sayed Ahmed.  "More items from the back and more damage from our inventory like hard drives and rams and track pads and keyboards" he said.

Surveillance video from the store shows four men with facial coverings use a rock or stone to smash through the front door of the store, before ransacking the front display and table while others focus on an adjacent room full of merchandise.

"They got in here, they got the MacBooks from the table, there were about six to seven MacBooks on the table and they used this rock back there to break into the display case" said Ahmed.  There were iPhones and iPads, they took them then they went in the backroom and there were more computers on the shelf and more repairs" he said.  "They started carrying them in bags.  They came this time with bags so they started putting it in bags" he said.

This isn't the first time the store has been the victim of a smash and grab burglary.  Their Ballwin location was also three weeks ago.

"We think that at least two of these guys are the same guys as the Ballwin guys" Ahmed said.  "Two of them today were here with the other two guys because he sounds the same when he speaks" he said.

Anyone with information that can help recover the items or locate the thieves is asked to contact the Brentwood Police Department.