Keep your vehicle from icing up this weekend

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ST. LOUIS (KPLR) – Getting into your car Friday, Saturday, or Sunday may be a little tricky, thanks to the impending ice storm.

AAA spokesperson Phil Link has a list of things you may need to take on the ice.

Kitty litter is one of them. Link said if you get stuck, it may help give your tires some traction.

Link also suggested getting some de-ice windshield fluid and spray. Link said that will help you avoid tearing up your windshield wipers.

What if your car is frozen shut? There are a few ways to prevent that happening.

Link said spray a little WD-40 in the door lock. That will help repel any water that may get in there.

If it is not the key that is the problem he also had a trick for the doors. Link suggested using a little silicone or vegetable oil.

"What you want to do is get the seal of the door here and give it a light spray, wipe it down," Link said. "What can happen is water can get between the door seal and the vehicle so you want to get some of this and wipe it down. Silicon oil is best, but cooking oil is acceptable."

Another quick tip: tie grocery bags around your side mirrors to prevent ice from building up on them.

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