Jefferson County residents grab the essentials before the ice storm

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ST. LOUIS (KPLR) - The National Weather Service issued an Ice Storm Warning for the St. Louis area Thursday afternoon; the warning stretches from Friday to Sunday.

Forecasts show a small part of Jefferson County and larger parts of the surrounding counties may get up to three-quarters an inch of ice.

The change in household staples couldn’t be more obvious at an Arnold area Schnucks store. There was a pallet of rock salt in front of the milk coolers. Stacks of ice melt were in the aisles, as well. The traditional run on milk, eggs, and bread had taken hold.

“We are nuts. Apparently, St. Louis has a great love of French toast because that’s what everyone’s buying to make,” said shopper Wanda Panick.

Panick’s cousin, Lisa Hilliard of Wichita, Kansas, said the concerns in her home state seem to have followed her here.

“I just arrived here,” Hilliard said. “I know in Wichita they are all freaking out.”

Thirty-six Jefferson County Public Works trucks had begun rolling around the clock, pre-treating county roads with a mixture of salt and cinders. Those county roads included the “feeder” roads off of Interstate 55, like Vogel and Imperial-Main.

People were already cancelling weekend plans.

“We were going to do the Polar Plunge out at Hidden Valley. There was an ice thing down in the Delmar Loop this weekend. That’s when ice is coming. So we’re not going to be able to do that,” Panick said.

The county's emergency operations center opened but at its lowest level; mostly to gather and share information about conditions countywide.

There's hope the forecast for a warm-up Sunday and Monday holds and this proves to be a short-lived event.

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