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Catholics use mass mobs to visit churches in City of St. Louis

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ST. LOUIS (KPLRI) - In an effort to showcase some of the churches in St. Louis city some Catholics are participating in what they are calling a "mass mob."

St. John Nepomuk is located near Soulard and has been there since 1854.

The church was founded by Bohemian immigrants and features over 45 chez statues.

As part of a mass mob, once a month Catholics from St. Louis County attend mass at one of the old city churches.

Deacon Mike Buckley said like a lot of other city churches right now don’t have enough Catholics in their neighborhoods to keep churches like St. John Nepomuk open.

"There will be 300-400 people here today but next Sunday there will be 20, that’s the more normal and we want people to see these churches and think once a month hey maybe I should go into the city and see one of these beautiful churches because they are not going to be here forever," said Buckley.