MoDOT is urging motorist to stay off area roads Thursday morning

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ST. LOUIS (KPLR) - MoDOT is encouraging drivers to stay off St. Louis area roads Thursday morning so crews can effectively treat area highways.

“If there’s precipitation coming down during rush hour, which is what is predicted, we have to be on that road,” said MoDOT’s Tom Blair.  “We have to continually treat and possibly plow the road.”

MoDOT issued a winter traffic advisory asking drivers to avoid the morning rush hour.

“I just advise everybody if they don’t have to be out on the roads during the morning rush hour stay home a little bit longer,” said Blair.  “At least do that.”

MoDOT will not do any pre-treating because the agency feels it would be a waste of time.  Blair said traffic on the interstates would push the chemicals away before the snow arrives.  He said chemicals could also turn what’s expected to be a dry snow into something more difficult to plow.

“It will melt and then it’s going to stick to our roads,” said Blair.

MoDOT will start plowing snow when it starts falling then use a combination of chemicals, rock salt and beet juice to treat highways.  Blair said crews will communicate with each other over which combination is working best.