Winter storm leaves numerous vehicles in ditches

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ST. LOUIS (KPLR) – The first round of our winter weather weekend last night left many drivers in need of tow trucks today.

Lots of cars wound up in ditches after drivers slid off icy roads.

Other cars were simply left abandoned.

AAA tow truck driver Cody Rasche called today busy and non-stop.

He spent a lot of time pulling cars out of ditches.

Among the drivers Cody helped was Joe Koors from Creve Coeur.

Was on his way to a friend`s house when he took a wrong turn and slid off the street at Twin Oaks Park near Big Bend and 141.

'I got part way up, my tires started slipping, i tried to go back down actually and then just slid off,' said Koors.

We saw many cars in ditches; even SUV`s were no match for the icy roads.

Lots of other cars weren`t in ditches but appeared to just be abandoned on the sides of roads.

It looked like some cars were left after being in crashes.

Cody`s calls stacked up quickly.

'It`s mainly cars off the side of the roads, a few car accidents, you`re picking them up for early this morning when people are bumping into each other, mostly cars off the side of the road, lot of people pulling into their driveways overnight and just sliding off,' said Cody.

Law officers responded to hundreds of calls.

Sergeant Al Nothum with the Missouri Highway Patrol says between noon yesterday and 4am this morning, troopers in the general St. Louis area had 500 calls for service.

280 of them were for crashes including a wreck in Jefferson County that killed one person.

Trooper Calvin Dye with the Illinois State Police says between 4pm yesterday afternoon and 3am this morning, troopers around the metro east handled 475 calls for service including 302 crashes.

Half of those wrecks involved injuries but nobody was killed.

Joe knows things could have been much worse for him.

'Luckily I`m not hurt, lucky my car is alright and i can still drive it,' said Koors.

'Tonight when it refreezes everybody needs to just slow down. If your windshield wipers are on kick on the headlights so people can see you. Take your time, be smart,' added Cody.

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