Tools for teachers: Millstadt educator wins $500

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KPLR) - If parenting is the hardest job in the world, than teaching is the second. Factor in low wages, a school struggling to maintain enrollment, clubs, committees and a family of her own four children - and there are no hours left in the day.

I met Kristi 5 years ago when she was Director of our Infant and Child center where my son attended school ; she was creative in every way from working with the kids, managing staff and cutting costs. Her positivity is infectious and she's always willing to help out.

Now she's teacher to my oldest son in 2nd grade; she's taken him from a kid who doesn't like school to a boy who gets up early so he's the first in class. She uses Pokemon cards as incentives and rarely assigns homework as it's deemed for "family time." But her biggest asset is the ability to see things in each kid just as a parent does and help that child unlock their talents.

Her strong faith has guided her through the loss of two children and helped her to instill purpose in the lives of those around her.

Please help her make this school year successful with your generous donation.

Kristi Nowels received $500.00 from Weber Chevrolet.

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