Distinctive hoodie may lead police to suspect in 7/11-armed robbery

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MAPLEWOOD, MO (KPLR) – A suspect is caught on camera robbing a Maplewood 7/11 at gunpoint.

Police strongly believe that someone will recognize the suspect by his size, and the distinct piece of clothing he is wearing.

Surveillance video shows a man walking into the 7/11 on Big Bend around 9:00 pm on December 7th.

The suspect pointed a black pistol at the clerk and demanded the money from both cash registers.

As the suspect is putting the money from the second register in his hoodie, you can see the head lights of a car pulling up to the front of the store.

As the suspect was leaving he approached the 57-year-old man getting out of that car and told him to give him his watch.

According to police that victim refused and the two men got in a struggle.

Police said suspect fired one shot, missing the victim and took off running.

Detectives said the suspect is heavy set, and around 5'8" or six feet tall.

They are asking everyone to take a good look at the hoodie he was wearing.

"It possibly could be a North Face or a knock off, you can see two ridges and 'The North' there is no 'Face' that you can see but it is a distinctive hoodie," said Maplewood Detective David Brown.

If you know this person you can call the Maplewood PD confidential number at 314-781-3733, or Detective Brown at 314-646-3638.