Campaign to prevent youth suicide after Waterloo students takes own life

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WATERLOO, IL (KPLR) – Educators and mental health leaders in Monroe and Randolph counties in Illinois are asking for the community’s help to address suicide in the area.

This campaign comes after a Waterloo High School student took his life and there have been many other attempted suicides throughout the areas.

The Monroe and Randolph County Regional Office of Education began looking into the numbers of suicides and attempted suicides and realized it was something they needed to address in the community.

Mental health leaders said they've recorded an average number of suicides this year, but the number of attempted suicides has increased.

In Monroe County, between July 2015 and November 2016, human support services received 253 calls for help from potential suicide victims and half of them were minors. On Monday night, the entire community was invited to a forum to discuss the topic of suicide not only in teens but as a whole.

The next forums will be at Sparta High School on December 6 and Chester High School on December 7.