Surveillance video may connect Ladue smash-and-grab similar crime in Ohio

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KPLR) - Big developments this Wednesday in a smash-and-grab theft case at the Saks Fifth Avenue in Plaza Frontenac. There is a possible connection to a similar case in Ohio.

There are more new charges in St. Louis County Against six men and a woman. An investigator at the Frontenac Police Department confirms a number of agencies in several states are now looking into this same group.

Surveillance video has Illinois State Police back out looking for evidence along Interstate 55 near Farmersville late Wednesday morning. We've also learned police in Beachwood, Ohio, outside of Cleveland believe the same group may have pulled a smash and grab crime at a Saks store there last year. Surveillance video from that crime shows a SUV smashing into the store, and eight of a total of 12 suspects, running inside and running out with $300,000 worth of purses.

Police say the suspects in St. Louis smashed glass while stealing 16 purses worth nearly $60,000. They walked in, during store hours. The eight suspects out of twelve here are now charged in Missouri and Illinois.

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