Giving up Black Friday shopping to thank county police

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CLAYTON, MO (KPLR) – A local group gave up their Black Friday to support the boys in blue.

About 50 people stood at the front of the St. Louis County Police Department to do one thing: to simply say “thank you” to police for all they do.

Extended family of slain county police officer Blake Snyder gathered with others to hold a special fundraiser to show support for law enforcement; not only for what they sacrifice daily, but the sacrifices of their families at well.

"In light of the officer that was shot last week and it being Thanksgiving yesterday, so many of these officers—thousands across the country—weren't able to have Thanksgiving dinner with their families,” said Shannon Hoerle, a member of the Snyder family. “They left their families and served ours on the streets.”

The group stood out on the corner of Forsyth and Meramec for a few hours in the cold and got lots of support from people driving by. They also collected clothing and food for those in need. All of the money raised Friday will go directly to BackStoppers.