Will Missouri be safer in January with no gun safety training?

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(KPLR) - Right now to purchase a firearm in the state of Missouri you need to pass an FBI background check and complete 8 hours of safety training.  However, come January one, the training is no longer needed. That new law has people weighing in on both sides of the issue.

Will Missouri be a more dangerous place when senate bill 656 goes into effect January 1st? Current mandatory training to buy a gun is going away.

Sam Dotson, St. Louis police chief says, “it teaches you when to use a gun, how to load it, and how to operate it safely.  He also says he can’t believe anyone would think this is a good idea. “You have to have more training to drive a car and cut hair than to have a lethal weapon and walk around with it 24 hours a day"!

The previous law was changed in September.  Gov. Jay Nixon vetoed the bill but the republican super-majority in the state legislature overruled the veto.  Now people just need to pass a background check to buy a gun and go on their way.

Missouri house speaker Todd Richardson-MO house says, “people are excited to see Missouri embrace 2nd amendment freedom and see Missouri as a conservative state, they don’t like government intervention.

He also says he hopes people will continue to get training and be responsible gun owners like most are. “people are still going to get permits to travel across state lines but the training shouldn’t be something government requires me to do.

Gun shop owner Steve King of Metro Shooting Supply thinks this is great in backing up the Constitution but believes it goes overboard! “I’m totally against it! My colleagues feel I’m crazy! People need to know their boundaries, restrictions, what they can and can’t do in situations, we also teach them how to carry gun.

King feels to let someone buy a gun assuming they know all the laws, how to use it and be safe with it is the most irresponsible thing the state can do. But Richardson has a different take. “at its core that is what constitutional carry does.  It allows law abiding citizens to legally carry the firearm the way 2nd amendment intended.