You Paid For It: Are costly Metrolink expansion studies ruling out safety improvements?

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KPLR) – FOX 2’S You Paid For It team is questioning top officials over expensive proposals to expand Metrolink when many say the system is unsafe. About $5 million will be spent to study five proposed routes.

The City of St Louis has dedicated $2 million to be spent to restudy the Northside/Southside route. The County has earmarked $3 million dollars to study four routes: MetroSouth (from Shrewsbury Metrolink station to Butler Hill) Daniel Boone, (west from Clayton to Westport) MetroNorth (from Hanley Metrolink station to I-270 near Ferguson), Northside (from Goodfellow/I-70 to Florissant Valley Community College).

But that's just for the studies. Actually expanding the system will cost taxpayers up to $2.2 billion. St. Louis County Executive Steve Stenger says that would come from the federal government if the project is to be built.

While officials have asked East West Gateway to study the expansion routes, East West Gateway has not been asked to study the issue of making the system safer.

Stenger, who has added more police officers to Metrolink to help improve security, says governments can work on two things at once, expanding the system while making it safer too.