Police trying to determine if suspected cop shooter is connected to other crimes

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george-p-bush-iiiST. LOUIS (KPLR) - St. Louis City police detectives are trying to determine if the suspect who shot the cop in the face Sunday night is connected to other violent and recent crimes in the area.

Law enforcement sources with knowledge of the investigation tell Fox 2 News the suspect, 19-year-old George P. Busch III and a group he’s associated with have been on their radar for several weeks.

The crimes they are checking to see if Bush was involved are all in the same vicinity and occurred with a few weeks of each other.

Sunday night at Hampton and Pernod, a 46-year-old veteran police sergeant was shot in the face. He survived. Bush was later shot and killed.  Police said Bush lived not far away in the 7000 block of Landsdowne.

Saturday morning police converged at the 500 block of Poepping, also in south city. A burning van was discovered in an alley. People who work at a construction company across the street were shocked. Alberto Vushaj owns the company, “It’s very disturbing lately with all the violence just has been disturbing for everybody can’t even imagine.”

Inside the burning vehicle was the body of a 52-year-old man who had suffered gun shots wounds. Workers look at Bush’s mug shot and one said he had seen Bush in a local convenience store a couple weeks ago. David Browning said, “I’m good with faces not names, I’ve seen this guy around here before this is not the only time I’ve seen him around here.”

That same night in Marlborough, St. Louis County Police are investigaing a shooting and carjacking. A 27-year-old man was shot in the chest and is expected to survive, after having his vehicle stolen.  Jeff Vazquez lives in the same apartment complex, “If that’s the guy I hope there’s attention drawn to it and a little more information looking into it see what we can find out based on suspect potential.”

That carjacking scene is only a few minutes’ drive to a spot near Carondelet and Interstate 55.

There was a carjacking in a neighborhood there.

Just north on Interstate 55 is the place where Maggie O’Brien’s owner Pat McVey was murdered, shot in his car while driving south on the highway.

And sources indicate Bush is also being looked at closely in Fenton where a woman was shot and robbed outside a Denny’s restaurant.

Police sources said there’s more than just location that may connect Bush to the crimes.  They said there’s similarity in the type of crimes and the gun used.

Again, no conclusions have been made.

Although one source indicates it may be a stretch to include Bush in the murder of Pat McVey.

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