Young fans excited over MLS team in St. Louis

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ST. LOUIS (KPLR) - Netting a Major League Soccer team in St. Louis would be a big score for fans.

“Yes, yes, that would be really exciting,” said Addison Hudgeins said.

Hudgeins and his teammates play youth soccer at Vetta Sports Complex. Others on the team say they can’t wait to have a stadium showcasing their sport with a team all their own, since in the past they’ve had to watch pro soccer play out on a baseball field in Busch Stadium.

“It was cut in half, so it was like a soccer field,” said William Cassidy.

William’s friend, Charlie Cusumano, chimed in, “It was really cool, seeing other people—the big people—play.”

So what’s the reality of an MLS team coming to St. Louis and when? MLS wants to expand to 28 teams but it hasn’t said exactly where. The group spearheading the effort to bring a team to the Gateway City, SC STL, has an end goal of 2021.

Some fans and parents say it’s not just about the fun of cheering on another team, it shows their kids they can reach their dreams.

“Thinking I could be out there, someday that could be me and to have and arena where they could see that live would be a really amazing experience for boys and girls,” said Lauren Lovett.

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