Tools for Teachers: St. Cletus School teacher wins $500

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KPLR) – Mrs. Beth Smith from St. Cletus School in St. Charles was given the Tools for Teachers award of $500 from Weber Chevrolet.

Mrs. Smith was joined in the studio with her former 2nd grade student, Alex Wilmes.

Something Alex Wilmes had to say about Mrs. Smith:

“Mrs. Smith taught me in 2nd grade. Ever since I first stepped in her classroom, she gave me, and all the other students, her undivided attention and love. She NEVER thought of anything else when we were around. She always gave everyone the chance to learn every lesson fully. A couple years ago, she switched to being the resource teacher. She gives all the kids in St. Cletus who learn a little bit slower to help them fully comprehend their lessons. Even now, I’m going to be a sophomore at Incarnate Word Academy in Bel-Noir but when I go to visit, she is overjoyed to see us. This saint helps anyone in need. She is the ideal educator and human. Mrs. Smith cares for everyone more than you will ever know. I think you should choose Mrs. Smith because other teachers will see this and want to be like her. Please keep Mrs. Smith in mind when evaluating your options. She would GREATLY appreciate this. Thank you for considering. “

If you would like to nominate a local teacher, go to

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