Metro’s Most Wanted – Cousins share pain of having daughters in distress

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ST. LOUIS (KPLR) - Cousins Regina Sykes and Sharon Webb know firsthand what it means to have a daughter in distress. Regina’s daughter, Monica, has been missing since October 28.

"She came in the house, changed clothes, and left back out and haven’t seen or heard from her since," Sykes said.

Monica left her home at 6:45 a.m. without her wallet and ID. She told her 6-year-old nephew she was going to the store. She never came back and police fear she’s been abducted.

"'If somebody has her or is holding her against her will, just let her call home. Let her go. We love her. That’s my baby," Sykes said.

Webb lost her daughter, Cara Davenport, 16 years ago. Davenport was used as a human shield, shot in the face with a shotgun. Police said she wasn’t the intended target. Fox 2 News profiled her murder on Metro’s Most Wanted because police still haven’t been able to solve it because no witnesses came forward.

"There's not a day that goes by that I don't cry," Webb said. "Not one day. I was her beginning. I wasn’t there for her ending but I am her voice."

While Webb searches for her daughter’s killer, she’s trying to support Sykes while police search for her daughter.

"This is my cousin. I love her to death. I’m the oldest one of all of us. And unfortunately it happened to me, so I have to be here for her," Webb said.

"Anybody that knows my family knows how tight-knit we are," Sykes said. "And knows if we’re missing one we’re not complete. And this is just terrible. It’s horrible. This is horrifying."

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