Accused serial rapist in Texas linked to four rapes in St. Louis County

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ST. LOUIS COUNTY, MO (KPLR)-A suspected serial rapist jailed in Texas is now charged with four sexual assault cases in St Louis County. This morning police fear there could be more victims in our area. St. Louis County Police investigators say they`ve been looking at 38-year-old Reginald Bond for months after he was arrested in January for several sexual assault cases in Houston.

Texas authorities helped police in our area build their case against Bond.

Bond is now facing multiple charges in connection with four alleged sexual assault in north St. Louis County from 2008. Police say physical evidence links Bond to those crimes.

Bond lived on Ashland Avenue in north St. Louis. His friends say Bond led an annual peace and unity rally in Fairground Park. But authorities tell a much different story about Bond.

St. Louis County police say Bond, who is large in stature, got into his victims apartments by removing windows in the middle of the night. Police in Houston say Bond told his victims that he watched them for days before attacking them. St. Louis County police say all of the victims in our area lived in north county apartment buildings.

The women either lived alone or with a small child.

In one of the north county cases, Bond allegedly held a box cutter to the victim`s throat.

St. Louis city police investigated Bond in connection with a reported 2010 sexual assault.  But charges were never filed.

Authorities in Illinois are also looking into whether any cases happened on that side of the river.

It`s unclear when Bond could face the St. Louis county charges since he is behind bars in Texas.

If you have information about Reginald Bond, call St. Louis County Police.

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