Golf carts becoming more popular for getting around neighborhoods

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SHREWSBURY, MO (KPLR) - It’s the sound of a sprinkler that you might expect on a golf course followed by a golf cart.

Only, this is the Shrewsbury city center, but best believe the golf carts are here.

“They’ve grown in popularity with some of the residents and they’re showing up at a few more events throughout the city,” says Felicity Buckley, Shrewsbury Mayor.

Shrewsbury officials are trying to determine the rules for the road for residents and their off-road vehicles.

“They feel like they’re neighborhood friendly and it’s a pleasant way to commute around your community,” says Buckley.  “The board would like that to continue.  We always enjoy anything that’s neighborhood friendly but at the same time we want to see some regulations put in place.”

So, one can’t just go from golf course to convenient store driving wherever.

“We do not have any golf courses in Shrewsbury,” says Buckley.  “We did many years ago.”

That was when the archdiocese had a course at the nearby seminary.

But the seminal decision on golf carts is being formulated as more and more moving vehicles show up on city streets.

“I see them creeping into Benton Park and Cherokee just across the highway as well so they’re gaining in popularity around here,” says Jennifer Jones, Howards in Soulard Co-Owner.

Another place that doesn’t have a golf course but plenty of golf carts?

The island.

That’s what residents and business owners in St. Louis call Soulard.

Over the last 15 years more and more carts have been showing up in the city.

Howards in Soulard even has specific cart parking spots and there’s no looking back.

“Reduces our carbon footprint and its battery operated and you’re not using gas or paying to park,” says Jones.  “So it’s just a really economical option also.”

Now all they need in Soulard and Shrewsbury, is a golf course.