Youngsters hawk hot chocolate to help those in need from Hurricane Matthew

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LADUE, MO (KPLR) - Selling hot chocolate on a hot Halloween Monday afternoon isn`t easy, but then you haven`t met these second graders and their powers of persuasion.

'Our teacher Ms. Moore kind of came up with this idea but we`ve just taken it from there and just do it,' says Felix Zhang, Second Grade Student.  'It`s pretty fun to do it.'

Boys and ghouls from Spoede Elementary in the Ladue School District spent part of their lunch hour hawking a piping hot beverage to help others affected by Hurricane Mathew.

'I want my second graders to see that they can make a change,' says Jessica Moore, Teacher.  'Even as eight-year old’s they`re voice and actions are powerful.'

'Yeah we`re kind of stepping into other people`s shoes,' says Zhang.

The students saw the hurricane destruction from Haiti to North Carolina and wanted do their part in fundraising for those who will have to rebuild.

'Seeing those pictures and making it real for those kids, you could really see on their faces that wow this is devastating and how can we help them?' says Moore.

Take some moxie and add some marshmallows and you`ve got the recipe for a service project from some pint-sized superheroes.

'Oh yeah, they were determined and it`s great for them to see their voice and actions are changing our world,' says Moore.  'I mean, what better thing to do with an eight-year-old.'