‘You Paid For It’ – Hall of Shame inducts four new members

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KPLR) - The "You Paid For It" Team shines the spotlight on public officials who have made questionable decisions with your money. Now we're singling out four officials for our "Hall Of Shame." We looked at dozens of our investigations before settling on these four. But, they just stood out as the best examples of what not to do with your tax dollars. These four Officials left some taxpayers livid and others scratching their head for answers.

Diane Critchlow

The "First Hall of Shame" inductee is disgraced former FOX C-6 Superintendent Dianne Critchlow. You paid her more than any other superintendent at, $267,000 a year. According to a state audit, that wasn't enough for her. The audit says she racked up about $100,000 in questionable expenses on things like credit cards. She paid herself $20,000 she wasn't entitled to and directed thousands of dollars to family members. Her husband made $89,000 working for the district, that he wasn't entitled to. Residents were outraged. Critchlow was forced out. Even the state auditor was stunned.

Oliver Hamilton

East St. Louis Township Supervisor Oliver Hamilton Did all he could to make it into our "Hall of Shame." Hamilton is one of the highest paid elected supervisors in the poorest township. But that wasn't enough for Oliver Hamilton. He reportedly racked up nearly $85,000 on the townships credit card thousands of dollars for two trips to Las Vegas for him and his wife. The feds are now reportedly on the trail of his spending.

Desiree Whitlock

Former head of the Hazelwood School Board Desiree Whitlock is a hall of shame shoe-in. Ms. Whitlock's idea of cutting orchestra, band and gym to deal with a budget crisis sparked a parent uprising. Some petitioned for a state audit. She cut kids programs and didn't take a knife to six-figure salaries of administrators. Whitlock is no longer president but is still on the school board.

Jay Nixon

Last, but certainly not least, Missouri Governor Jay Nixon joins the hall of shame for his slow response to the Ferguson crisis two years ago. Governor Nixon's decision to wait before deploying the National Guard to protect Ferguson may have contributed to additional rioting, burning and looting that cost residents and the city millions. It brought national shame to the Governor's reputation.

Those are our four picks for the "You Paid For It" Hall Of Fame. Not everybody is wasting your money. For the first time ever "You Paid For It" will show you four officials who we think actually gave you your tax dollars work. Don't miss the "You Paid For It" Hall of Fame airing Tuesday.