St. Louis County election officials getting ready for presidential election

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MAPLEWOOD, MO (KPLR) - The St. Louis County Board of Elections started moving voting equipment to polling places Monday.  The process will be completed the day before the election, according to the board’s Director of Elections Eric Fey.

Eight bipartisan teams are with the equipment from the time it is moved until the time it is placed under lock and key at each of the 438 St. Louis County polling places.

“We have a chain of custody in place from start to finish that ensures nobody else handles any of our equipment or ballot materials at any point,” said Fey.

Fey also points out computers used to cast and tabulate votes are not connected to the internet.

St. Louis County voters will notice a new option for this election.  Voters will be able to check in with a sample ballot they received in the mail, or they can have their driver’s license scanned.  Voters will use a stylus to sign an iPad.  Elections judges will also sign that iPad.

Fey says it’s a way to speed up the process.  Voters will no longer be required to check in alphabetically.  We’ve reported on how Jefferson County election officials introduced the process in April.

Even with the new technology, Fey is asking voters to be patient.  He said this year’s ballot for St. Louis County voters has a minimum of 30 choices.

For information about absentee voting in St. Louis County click here.