Missouri gubernatorial candidates differ on Right to Work legislation

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ST. LOUIS COUNTY, MO (KPLR) - One of the underlying issues in the race for Missouri governor is the future of a law that requires workers in a union contract job to pay union fees for negotiating the contract.

The current governor, Jay Nixon has vetoed so-called "right to work" legislation repeatedly during his tenure.

But the two leading candidates for governor are on opposite sides of this controversy.

Missouri voters overwhelmingly turned down a right to work proposal in 1978.  But since then pressure has grown as some nearby states approved the policy as a way to attract new manufacturing plants.

This year it has become an issue in the race for governor as republican Eric Greitens is telling voters he will sign a right to work law to help boost the state's economy.

Chris Koster intends to follow incumbent democrat Jay Nixon and veto any right to work bills.

Both men cite statistics which support their view points.

Democrat Koster is the state's current attorney general and a former state senator.

Republican Greitens is a retired navy seal and founder of the charity, The Mission Continues.

You will find three third party candidates also on the ballot for governor.