Controversy surrounds FBI Director Comey’s decision to inform Congress about new Clinton emails

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(KPLR) - The controversy continues over FBI Director James Comey's decision to inform Congress that investigators will take a new look at whether classified information was possibly mishandled in the Hillary Clinton email investigation.  Democrats say it appears to be politically motivated to make an announcement like this so close to election day. Republicans say Comey was doing his duty to keep Congress informed on new details in the investigation.

FBI Director James Comey wrote Congress a letter late last week that newly discovered emails prompted investigators to take another look at whether classified information had been mishandled.  The emails reportedly come from a separation investigation in the sexting probe of former congressman Anthony Weiner, who is now separated from Clinton advisor and confidant Huma Abedin.  The couple separated after Weiner was caught sending sexually suggestive tests to several women, including a 15-year old girl.

Comey pointed out that the FBI could not assess "whether or not this material may be significant."  He also pointed out that there is no timeline for this investigation to be completed