Contact 2 seeks answers for Bethalto man living in “House of Horrors”

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BETHALTO, IL (KPLR)-- "I can feel my voice getting shaky and I`m getting upset about it right now." said Bethalto resident Chris Carter.

Carter`s frustration has only grown in the two years since he bought a Bethalto, Illinois home for $32,000. He planned to make repairs to the property and rent it out.

"I figured it just needed a little bit of dry wall, new flooring, a new roof. I had no idea it was going to turn into such a headache." added Carter.

Chris` headache started the moment he heard Bethalto`s former zoning administrator and code enforcement officer Richard Mersinger, was arrested and charged with improperly filing housing inspections. Mersinger was the guy who passed each one of the inspections on Chris Carter`s newly purchased home.

Inspections, that led Chris to proceed with what he estimates was nearly $20,000 worth of work.

"After he would approve all this stuff, then I would keep furthering the process. It got to the point where I`d put a brand new roof on it." added Carter.

Chris would not find out how the Mersinger mess affected him until a different inspector came to check out the homes pluming.

"He looked at the permit and he said there was no record of me, of this permit, of any work at the city hall. That`s when he asked me to follow him to City Hall." added Carter.

Chris learned his investment was nothing more than a house of horror. It should have never passed the footing inspection.

"Mr. Mersinger passed a house with no foundation underneath it. It was doomed from the beginning," said Carter.

Out tens of thousands of dollars, Chris wants the City of Bethalto to make things right.

"He was not treated properly," said Bethalto Mayor Alan Winslow.

Bethalto Mayor Alan Winslow explained to Fox 2's Mike Colombo that Mr.Carter has every reason to be upset. He agrees that Carter deserves some sort of compensation, but at this point, believes it should come from Bethalto's insurance company.

Mayor Winslow explained the original claim submitted by the city was denied by the insurance company Bethalto had at the time the damages occurred. In turn, the city submitted a claim to its new insurance company. It has yet to make a determination on the claim.

"It is very strongly our belief that the insurance company that we had at that time bears the responsibility for this coverage. He`s not being treated right. He really isn`t, but unfortunately, this insurance process has to go through its paces before we can take it up," added Mayor Winslow.

That means for now Chris Carter can do nothing more than wait.

"I`m helpless, but I`m not hopeless. I will not stop until I get justice. Period." said Carter.

Richard Mersinger’s criminal felony jury trial is currently set to start January 9th.

We'll be sure to keep you posted on what happens.