St. Louis Cubs fans make the trek to Chicago for historic World Series

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CHICAGO, IL (KPLR) – As the Chicago Cubs continue prepare to face the Cleveland Indians in Game 4 of the World Series in Chicago, Cubs fans from St. Louis are making the trek to the Windy City to be a part of the historic World Series.

“I’ve been a lifetime Cubs fan, love the Cubs had to get up here for this World Series” said James Davis of St. Louis.   “It’s been awesome.  A lot of people, lots of crowds, but we haven’t done this in years so it’s expected” he said.

Nikki and Earl Jacobson from St. Louis are a house divided.  Nikki a die hard Cardinals fan, but her husband, Earl, a die hard Cubs fan.  But in their wedding vows, Nikki vowed to support the Cubs if they’re winning.

“I am a die-hard Card fan” said Nikki Jacobson.  “This hurts me a little to wear the Cubs gear, but we’re Chicago, gotta root the Cubs” she said.  “If the Cards can’t win this year let’s bring it home to our divison at least” she said.

Many fans who don’t have tickets to the games are enjoying the celebrations around Wrigley Field.  Many bars charging cover prices just to get in and watch the game.

“This one was a $100 cover” said Earl Jacobson.   “It comes with a free entrée and free drink so $75 is basically what the cover charge is.  But to be here to witness history is well worth it” he said.

Davis and the Jacobson’s realize living in St. Louis, they are part of the few rooting for the Cubs.

“I found most cards fan are paying more attention to pulling against Cubs than they did pulling for their own team in the last month of the season” Davis said.  “It’s okay it’s good competition good rivalry and it’s a good thing” he said.

The Cubs lost to the Indians at home in Game 3.  Davis is hopeful things change for Game 4.

“There are plenty of people here to support the Cubs” Davis said.  “It’s going to be a good weekend regardless and we’ll go back and take it in Cleveland”.