Special Education teacher from Seckman High School wins $500

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KPLR)- Mrs Patterson is a Special Education teacher at Seckman High School. She helps her students work on jobs to become inclusive in their community. She has gone above and beyond by taking children to state sponsored Special Olympic games, selling school products at school games to help fund some of their activities, and includes the children as well. She takes them to several different businesses in the community where they learn life skills including ordering a meal on their own and learning to tip, but if a child cannot afford this, she will pitch in.

She treats these children as her own!

All of these children have flourished in her class! She attends school dances when a child wants to attend and there is no other aide who is able to attend. She has other projects that she works on with the children to help the community. She has had social outings for the children during the summer to keep the kids in touch with each other. She participated in and had her students help raise money for St Baldrick’s Cancer research for Children. She is such a wonderful role model for these children and other students as well at the school.

My daughter is always excited to go to school everyday and gets very upset if she has to miss a day. Mrs Patterson is always going above and beyond for her students.

Andrea received $500.00 from Weber Chevrolet (www.weberchevrolet.com).

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