Schnucks employees approve new contract

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ST. CHARLES, MO (KPLR) – Schnucks union workers are set to cast their ballot again Wednesday night on a new union contract.

The workers are gathering the St. Charles family arena where the meeting is just getting started.

The meeting is about a new contract proposed by Schnucks.

Last time they voted at the end of September the union was recommending a no vote.  Tonight, they are recommending union members vote yes to the new contract.

Last month union employees voted overwhelming to reject the proposed contract.

They claimed it did not offer enough in the way of wage increases, jeopardized health benefits and could cut 133 full time jobs.

Schnucks employee Rebecca Garrett has been on the bargaining committee for the new contract.

She says she is feeling good about a yes vote tonight.

She says the new contract includes groups that were previously left out.

The original contract expired in May.  Workers have been working on a day to day contract basis since then.

If the contract is rejected the union will immediately give Schnucks a five day strike notice.