Boy injured by puck at Blues game gets big surprise

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ST. LOUIS (KPLR) - Alex Vaughn is the 9-year-old St. Louis Blues fan who was struck by a flying puck at the Scottrade Center October 15th.  Alex was with his father.

“We had never sat that close to the ice,” said Greg Vaughn.

The puck was shot over the ice by a New York Rangers player.  Greg Vaughn said he saw the puck headed his way but could not react in time to protect his son.

“It’s so fast you can’t even imagine,” said Alex’s father.  “You don’t even have time to think.”

Alex’s injury required an immediate visit to the hospital to stop the bleeding.  He needed more than a dozen stitches.

The Vaughns praise the St. Louis Blues for what happened next.  The team invited Alex and his family to Tuesday night’s game against the Calgary Flames.  The team also gave them a tour.  The Gregg Vaughn said he and Alex were told to go through a door.

“There’s Vladimir Taresenko and we’re both taken aback by that,” said Greg Vaughn.

Alex said he was asked if cried when he was hit because Blues players said if they were hit at age nine they would have shed a few tears.

“He’s so tough.  We’re seeing another side of him we didn’t even know was there,” said Amy Vaughn, Alex’s mother.   “He can be such a trooper to go through all this and still have a smile on his face.”

Alex received two autographed sticks.  One came from the St. Louis Blues with a personal message from Tarasenko.  The other stick came from the New York Rangers and included a personal message from the player who fired that shot.

Greg Vaughn said the St. Louis Blues organization gave his son a night that could not be topped.

“Getting autographed sticks even from the New York Rangers shows what a great organization they are as well,” said Greg Vaughn.  “We can’t thank the Blues enough for the way they treated myself, my family and most of all Alex.”