Carjackings spike in St. Louis County

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AFFTON, MO (KPLR) – There’s been a wave of carjackings plaguing the St. Louis area from the City of St. Louis to South County to Kirkwood to St. Charles.

A spike in St. Louis County carjackings started with this one in Affton on October 13th, just hours after slain St. Louis County Police Officer Blake Snyder was laid to rest.

A mother was at a bus stop waiting on her little girl, 5, after school.

She spoke to Fox 2.  We protected her identity.

It was a beautiful Fall afternoon in a low crime Affton neighborhood.  The mother parked to have a good view of everything in front of her and still it happened.

“I didn’t see him coming until he was on top of me,” the mother said.

She’d been outside her SUV.  Her son, 4, was still in the back seat.  He called her back to his window.  The suspect saw his chance and pounced.

“He a weapon, a gun in the pocket of his hoodie, he pulled it out, put in my stomach and said, ‘give me the keys to your car’,” the victim said.  “I was just extremely calm considering.  I was just like, ‘of course you can have my car’.  I was just thinking about my son…he had flipped me around, put the gun into my back, finally got the car unlocked.  I was able to then pull my son out of car and then we went running.”

Police later recovered the SUV in Central West End.  It was heavily soiled, with interior damage from an apparent gun shot after the carjacking.

It was a haunting reminder along with the continued questions and comments from her son, who saw the gun and can’t quite grasp why someone would point it at his mom.

“He’s 4.  It’s hard to explain.  I just keep telling him that we’re ok and that’s all that matters,” the victim said.  “Never in a million years are you looking out for that kind of thing.  In those instances, stay calm.  At the end of the day it’s just a vehicle.  Whatever’s in it, they’re just possessions.”

The suspect remains at large.

Since this crime, there have been three more carjackings and one attempt, in Affton and South County, St. Louis Police said.

County investigators are working with the other departments to see if any of the cases may be related.