Politics is this year’s theme for Halloween at Johnnie Brock’s

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ST. LOUIS (KPLR) – Charles Dudley Warner said politics makes stranger bedfellows.

It also makes for stranger things this Halloween season.

'Customers being very creative with the Donald masks and the Donald wigs and the Hillary masks and Hillary wigs,' says Ed Brock, Owner Johnnie Brock`s Dungeon.

Since 1984 Ed Brock has been serving up scary costumes at Johnnie Brock`s Dungeon.  He can attest that the creepy classics are still the biggest in demand, but super heroes and super villains are also super sellers this year.

'Witches by the way are the number one seller every year,' notes Brock.  'Far exceeds any super hero.  Dracula is always number one.'

For those ready for this political season to climb back into a clown car and drive off, Brock has an interesting statistic since 1984 regarding the commander-in-chief.

'Every year the leading selling mask has become the president elect,' says Brock.  'This year, I can say that Donald is leading sales to this point two to one.'

While the presidential race remains to be seen, those being seen in Star Wars and Harry Potter costumes will continue to draw big sales this last week before Halloween.

And in 2016, the things that go bump in the night might be the people running for office or the ones who once held it.

'Bernie of course and we`ve got George W. Bush,' says Brock.  'Kennedy sells every year.  Isn`t that something?

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