Five dead in metro-Atlanta house fire

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DULUTH, GA (WGCL) - Five people died in a house fire in Georgia early this morning (Sunday).y).

The fire was so intense firefighters were forced to fight the flames from the outside.

This cell phone video shot by a neighbor shows a fire so bright, all you can see through the trees is light in the place where a house should be.

Besides the big flames, their path to the house was also blocked by sparking wires.

Once the flames were out, firefighters found the bodies of five people.  No one who was inside survived.

A neighbor says there was a propane tank on the back of the house that may have exploded.

She says the family had a bonfire going in the pit behind their house last night. It's something they've done before, and she says there’s never been any problem.

While investigators are looking at these accidental causes, until they know for sure, police are ready to step in at any moment.

With five people dead, investigators aren't ready to rule out anything.

Dante Renzulli reporting.