Family dog accidentally euthanized after glitch

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DETROIT, MI (WXYZ) - A Detroit woman is angry after animal control accidentally euthanized their dog.

Melissa Jackson's four year old dog Coco is dead, euthanized at Detroit Animal Control by mistake.  Coco was only supposed to be held for the few remaining days of a rabies quarantine because Coco got under the fence and bit a neighbor's dog.

Earlier this week one of the investigators even told Melissa she could come pick Coco up.

But when she got to animal control they couldn't find Coco.

Then she says workers put her on the phone with the head of Detroit Animal Control.

The head of animal control didn't return my messages today so I contacted the health department and a spokesperson released the heartbreaking truth on Coco's death. The statement reads: "Ms. Jackson's dog was brought to Detroit Animal Care and Control as part of a dog-on-dog bite situation. The owner complied with state law and the dog was held for a 10-day rabies quarantine period. As a result of a computer status error, a tragic and unacceptable euthanasia was authorized. Our hearts are with Ms. Jackson during this time of loss. We are thoroughly examining all procedures and systems that led to this and we are committed to putting safeguards in place to prevent this from happening again. "

Jackson says she is devastated by her loss and angry at animal control.

Kimberly Craig reporting.