Whoops! Mom and baby locked in urgent care

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(KOMO) – A simple doctors visit for a mom and her sick son ended with the two locked inside an urgent care after hours.

Now that mother wants to see some changes.

Savannah Lewitt came to Multicare Urgent Care Thursday evening hoping for help. She got the opposite.

4-month old Kason's cough was the concern.

Mom brought him in for an x-ray.

Savannah says staff put them in an exam room where a nurse took Kason's vitals around 7:30 pm.

But almost 40 minutes later, they were still alone. So Savannah peeked out.

She found the urgent care empty, the lights shut off. The office had closed for the night with mom and son still inside.

She opened a door, it set off the alarm.

Luckily a cleaning crew found the two and let them out, a sweet relief for Savannah.

After all that Kason never got treatment.

Multicare appologized in a statement to KOMO, they say protocols were not followed and they'll investigate why.

Savannah's always used Multicare. She says they're like family, but she can't excuse the mistake that left her sick son in the dark.

Multicare's spokesperson said she doesn't know of anything like this happening here before. They are adding a new protocol that every room and door needs to be checked immediately before leaving the clinic.

Gabe Cohen KOMO News.