‘Logan’ trailer serves up moody Hugh Jackman, a mysterious introduction

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The new trailer for 20th Century Fox’s “Logan” has officially arrived, but as the titular character mentions in the footage, the “X-Men” world we knew is no longer what it was.

The trailer sets the stage for what could be the most somber movie in the Wolverine franchise yet.

Set to Johnny Cash’s cover of “Hurt,” it portrays the hero still standing (but unable to heal) in a world where mutants appear to be almost entirely extinct. Professor X is also around, but he’s far from in top condition.

A turnaround in the gloomy mood happens when a young girl comes into their orbit.

“She’s like you,” Professor X tells Logan, “very much like you.”

Fans speculate the girl is actually X-23, a character that in the ‘X-Men’ universe is Wolverine’s successor. But director James Mangold has not confirmed that.

The storyline for the film is rumored to be in part inspired by the “Old Man Logan” graphic novel.

Jackman began speculation last year that this will be his last time playing the Wolverine character after posting a photo of his iconic Wolverine claws on social media captioned “ONE LAST TIME.” But he has not confirmed or clarified his statement.

The film opens in March 2017.

By Sandra Gonzalez, CNN