You Paid For It ask why St. Louis alderman won’t spend $8M in board money to fight crime

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ST. LOUIS (KTVI) - The You Paid For It Team is asking some big questions of the St. Louis Board of Aldermen on how the board is spending more than $8 million dollars of your money.

The board gets the pot of money from the city's one half cents sales tax. The money is divided up equally among all the aldermen so each of them got about $300,000, that they control for various projects in their ward.

But the city is in a crisis for one dealing with a huge crime problem. And it needs more resources to fight the rising tide of murders.

I wanted to know why the board of aldermen couldn't have temporarily at least devoted all $8 million to fight the crime problem. It would have allowed the board to have a big impact on a major city wide problem. The major hang up though is getting aldermen to depart temporarily with their individual pot of money.  Last year aldermen got $9.5 million to split up.

Making a change could make a big difference going forward.

Elliott Davis talked to Board President Lewis Reed who says making a change may indeed be better for the city especially in time of crisis.