St. Louis women send strong message to Congress for passage of “Safe Act”

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ST. LOUIS (KPLR) – St. Louis women are sending a strong message to lawmakers in Washington to do something to help victims of domestic violence by passing the “Safe Act.”

It was an emotional Wednesday night at the YWCA Woman’s Place.  The group assists women escape the violence and basically holds their hands through the entire process.

About 50 women and me gathered to remember the victims and honor the survivors of domestic violence. Carla Maley works at Woman’s Place.  She said, “Learn about domestic violence and everything she’s up against.”

T-shirts on display around the room carried messages of the women’s nightmares and their horrible relationships. Maley added, “It’s an expression of their journey of healing.”

Deb is a survivor. She knows how difficult it is to escape domestic violence and she was encouraging victims to seek help at one of the many organizations that want to change lives for the better.  She said, “I’m not silent anymore I want people not to be afraid to come out and get from underneath the violence and abuse.”

The issue touches so many lives, including police officers, in seconds a domestic violence call could become extremely difficult for cops.  Maley said, “It’s probably one of the most dangerous calls they take.”

Folks are asking congress to pass the Safe Act that allows a victim to take as many as ten days off from work without pay so she can take care of legal matters surrounding domestic violence.  Carla Maley added, “This actually will provide protections to victims of domestic violence to be able to court to court to be able to seek out help.”

While one in four women will experience domestic violent experts say 80 percent of women with disabilities have been sexually assaulted.

Organizations  for domestic violence assistance: