Foundry St.Louis reveals some plans for MLS team in St. Louis

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ST. LOUIS (KPLR) – A group wanting to bring professional soccer to St. Louis held an open house Tuesday night.  Soccer fans showed up to learn about the organization’s plans.

There are two groups trying to attract a team, the one holding the open house is called Foundry St. Louis.  Both groups share the same goal: To bring MLS to St. Louis but they are going about it in different ways.

Dan Cordes is the CEO of Foundry St. Louis, “If I had one thing I would do for St. Louis in my lifetime I’d want to bring a sports team to St. Louis”.  The group unveiled artist drawings of their proposed stadium. It would be located on land near Chouteau and Grand.  Fans were fired up. Soccer fan Gerry Keller said, “This is huge, I mean it’s a huge step for St. Louis.  Soccer fan Katherine Hagen added, “Pretty important I think it would be really cool.”

The other group trying to bring pro soccer here is called MLS2STL. They have some well-known folks in their group including the president of the St. Louis Cardinals, and the former president of Anheuser Busch.

Foundry St. Louis won’t release the names of many of its investors, but Cordes said they are talking to at least three billionaires.  Cordes added, “We have the where with all to put this together.”

Foundry is already selling souvenirs with the Foundry logo. The people in charge said they’ve had conversations with MLS officials in New York and learned that St. Louis could learn soon if a team is coming here.  Cordes said, “We understand the expansion committee at MLS is going to be meeting in mid-November and shortly after that they will make recommendations to the cities that they are going to be expanding in and we certainly hope St. Louis is one of them.”

He believes both groups should submit a proposal to the MLS and have officials pick the winner.

A spokesman for MLS2STL said they are not working with foundry. Foundry said it would be willing to work with MLS2STL. Fans said whatever it takes to bring a team to town.

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