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Johnnie Brock’s to continue selling scary clown costumes

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ST. LOUIS (KPLR) - The owner of Johnnie Brock’s Dungeons and Party Warehouse says his store will continue to sell scary clown costumes. Target announced its pulling some of its costumes from store shelves over the current climate involving reports of scary clown sightings.  Some of those reports have led to police involvement.

Ed Brock says scary clown costumes have been popular for years, dating back into the 1990’s.  He said some of the popularity is the result of the movie “It” and the clown also known as Pennywise.  Johnnie Brock’s has offered a wide variety of clown costumes for years.

“We do very well in the clown category and will continue to sell clowns and clown accessories,” said Brock.

Some customers we talked with said they understand the concern over the costumes, but believe there’s been an overreaction.

Brock believes the scary clown sighting phenomenon will soon be a thing of the past.  He said he will continue to sell scary clown costumes because it’s what some customers want.