Expect more politicians to come to St. Louis areas ahead of general election

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(KPLR) – We are now 22 days away from Election Day and all the top ticket races in Missouri are neck and neck.

So you can expect to see plenty of the politicians here in St. Louis over the next 3 weeks.

Fox 2`s John Brown caught up one of the candidates Monday as they took a swing through St. Louis.

All of the big races on the ballot in Missouri are neck and neck.

The presidential race, senate race, and governor`s race are all in a statistical dead heat.  So Monday John was with Eric Greitens making his way across the city pushing for more support.

The former Navy Seal who bills himself as a political outsider, appeared at events with another former outsider Senator David Perdue of Georgia.

Perdue won his senate race two years ago with many of the same claims that Greitens is making now, that it's time for new faces inside the party.

The pair appeared at rallies in West County ad at the convention center in St. Charles where we caught up with them.

As you have probably heard, Fox 2 was supposed to have a governor`s debate last Friday, but that was cancelled.  Chris Koster said he wouldn`t do the debate unless Greitens released his tax returns.

This was the first change we`ve had to speak with Greitens since then.

Meanwhile, Chris Koster was in Joplin today responding to a new campaign ad put out against him.

The ad claims that he was out of the country and out of touch with the residents of Missouri right after the Joplin tornado.

He was in fact out of the state on official state business.

But Koster says he was not out of touch.

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