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Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity suspended after 2 students are injured

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ROLLA, MO (KPLR) – The Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity chapter at Missouri University of Science and Technology is temporarily suspended while the university investigates a recent incident that resulted in the injuries of 2 Missouri S&T students. Both are believed to be pledges.

No one answered the door at the Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity house Monday night. Officials were not saying how the 2 students were injured or even what condition they are in. Andrew Careaga is the university spokesman, “The University takes any sort to threat to our student body or any potential harm we take allegation of harm very serious we have a no tolerance policy.”

Andrew Hopper is a student, “I understand why the university is doing this I think it’s safe of them to do this and suspend.”

Although the incident happened Thursday, campus police were not notified until Sunday, October 16th.

During the suspension the Alpha Phi Alpha chapter is not recognized as a student organization and does not have access to or use of university facilities. The fraternity house will close at least temporarily.  Careaga added, “These students living in the fraternity house will need to move out and find other accommodations the university is assisting with that transition.”

The school spokesman said the national fraternity includes many distinguished members, including Dr. Martin Luther king Jr., Jesse Owens and Thurgood Marshall.

The fraternity has been at Missouri S & T for more than 50 years.   Ashton Smith is a student at the university, “They’re definitely a great group of guys I’m pretty sure what happened is an accident they’re always on campus shaking peoples handing saying high to people they don’t know.”

Right now the university is investigating student conduct but the spokesman expects a criminal investigation to begin soon.

The results could lead to the revocation of the fraternity charter on campus.

Statement regarding Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity:

Missouri University of Science and Technology has temporarily suspended the Epsilon Psi Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity pending formal procedures as the university investigates a recent incident that resulted in injuries to two Missouri S&T students and that allegedly involved fraternity members.

According to University Police at Missouri S&T, the students were injured during an event last week at the fraternity house. Campus police were notified of the incident on Sunday, Oct. 16.

During the temporary suspension, the Alpha Phi Alpha chapter at Missouri S&T is not recognized as a student organization and does not have access to or use of university facilities. Access to the activities or privileges of student organizations will also be suspended.

“Any behavior that poses a threat to the health and safety of our students will not be tolerated,” Missouri S&T Chancellor Cheryl B. Schrader said. “We will conduct a full and thorough investigation of these allegations, and we will cooperate fully with all law enforcement agencies and the Phelps County prosecutor’s office in any criminal investigations.”