Baby dies after stroller falls down elevator shaft

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New York (WABC) - The 21 year old mother was on the 23rd floor waiting for the elevator.

Family members say one month old Aree Ja Ali, her only child was in a stroller.

Police say when the doors opened the mom pushed the stroller into the elevator but it wasn't there.

The baby's grandfather is being as strong as he can for his daughter during this unthinkable tragedy.

His daughter and granddaughter fell several feet onto the top of the elevator car.

It then went down and stopped on the 15th floor.

The baby girl was pronounced dead at Coney Island hospital where her mother is being treated.

The eyewitness news investigators found the Neptune Avenue building has had dozens of elevator violations over the last 15 years.

It is privately owned and supplies low income housing.

Residents in the 24 story, 335 unit building say despite numerous complaints nothing has really been done to make the elevators safe much less reliable.

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