Quintuplets all work in the same McDonald’s restaurant

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If you're ordering a burger and fries from a Potterville, Michigan, McDonald's -- you're probably talking to one of the Curtis kids ... or to be exact, one of the five Curtis kids.

That's because all of the Curtis quintuplets work in the same Lansing area fast-food restaurant, CNN affiliate WXYZ reported this week.

There's three boys -- Lucas, Logan and Leith -- and two girls -- Lindsay and Lauren -- on staff. The 18-year olds are not identical quintuplets. So no confusion on that front.

They ride to work in the same car and many times, work the same shift, according to the affiliate.

"I can call that house and if I need to cover a shift, my chances are pretty good that I am going to get one of the workers," owner Renee Draves said.

Here's how their jobs break down. Leith and Logan man the fryer. Lucas assembles the meals, Lauren takes orders and Lindsay works the front of the restaurant.

Draves calls them hard-working and reliable.

The Curtis quintuplets are all high school seniors who hope to be attending college next year.

By Andreas Preuss