Former Principia student gets 5 years for sexual hazing attacks

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CLAYTON, MO (KPLR) - A St. Louis County Judge sentenced Maverick Holmsley to the minimum possible sentence Tuesday.  Holmsley is the private school student accused of sexual hazing attacks at a summer football camp.

His sodomy convictions could have brought life in prison for the 19-year-old.

Holmsley looked much different in court than he did when sat before jurors during a trial in June. Having grown a beard, he looked much older as he told his family repeatedly in court 'I love you.'

Holmsley was 17 when he raided rooms of fellow football players and held them down while others sodomized them.

A juror who voted to convict, later told Fox 2 she did not believe Holmsley deserved even the minimum in prison despite her vote to convict.  The juror, Hana Colley, was even more upset when we told her three other attackers entered plea deals, giving them ten days in jail and two years` probation.

Colley`s protests did not impact today`s sentencing.  Defense attorney Bill Margulis spoke briefly after the sentencing.  He said, 'We`re pleased with the judge`s decision to sentence him to the minimum five years in the Department of Corrections and we`re looking forward to raising all of these issues on appeal.'

A parent of one of the victims wrote an impact statement saying the victims` lives are changed forever because of Holmsley`s decision to 'bully, sodomize and act together with others like a gang.'

Holmsley`s parents had no comment as they walked out of court, except to say they love their son.