Bomb shell video of Trump’s comments is now the focus going to into Sunday’s debate

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ST. LOUIS (KPLR) - The new Donald Trump tape and its potential fallout on his campaign is now the focus leading into tomorrow night`s debate between Trump and Hillary Clinton at Washington University.

The stakes of the debate may now be a lot higher for Trump after the release of that bombshell video.

Security is tightening as the debate grows closer.

And so is the anticipation of the huge event.

But all of the conversation leading into tomorrow  night`s debate is about that stunning Trump video.

Many people are blasting Trump including high profile Republicans.

Senator Roy Blunt tweeted that Trumps words were 'disrespectful and inappropriate and he was right to apologize.'

Eric Greitens, the Missouri Republican nominee for Governor, tweeted that 'Donald Trump`s words were disgusting and wrong. There is no defense of them.'

The big question now is will Trump be able to move past this latest controversy.

We will see at tomorrow night`s debate.