12-year-old with scoliosis on the final stretch to recovery

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(KPLR) – Last year, Fox 2 witnessed a group of St. Louis doctors and nurses performing life saving surgery in the Dominican Republic.

One of the cases required another surgery.

In a Fox 2 follow-up, reporter Katie Kormann meets with the team here in St. Louis where they made an incredible transformation for a little girl.

Just over a year after enduring corrective spinal surgery, now 12-year-old Lisbeth Garcia prepares for yet another complex, but crucial operation.

The last time you saw her she was taking her first steps after surgery.  Doctors say Lisbeth had the most severe case of scoliosis they had seen on their mission trips to Santiago.

Lisbeth's still-growing body continued to curve. Doctors knew she'd need another surgery.  Due to the complexity and severity of Lisbeth's deformity, the Pediatric Orthopedic Project and their partners in the Dominican Republic decided it would be safer to perform the operation in the U.S.

Unlike her first surgery, this procedure would have multiple steps and take weeks of slow correction before the final surgery took place.

After the surgery, and a few days of recovery, Lisbeth began to feel feeling stronger.  She's even got a little creative and started learning to play guitar.

Once her halo was removed and final corrective surgery was successfully completed, Lisbeth prepared for the final stretch of recovery.

She says she's looking forward to returning home to see her family and friends, just like all the other kids.