Local agencies ready to lend aid in hurricane relief

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CREVE COEUR, MO (KPLR) – St. Louis relief agencies are mobilizing to head into the storm zone left by Hurricane Matthew..

The Red Cross has been monitoring Hurricane Matthew’s track for some time; tonight, they've mobilized this fleet of vehicles that are stocked and ready to go at a moment’s notice.

The Red Cross tells says in addition to mobilizing their fleet and having them here and ready to go, they've also already notified a number of volunteers to be on standby so that if they need to be deployed, no time is wasted in getting to the most needed areas. We're told that once that call is made, because everything is already mobilized, volunteers and resources can be well on the road within four hours.  They're not the only ones on standby, the Hope Animal Rescue group in Godfrey just returned from the historic flooding in Louisiana.  Tonight they're making sure they're ready to go again if they're called up to help.  This on top of the Humane Society of Missouri already deploying rescue teams to Georgia earlier this afternoon.