Felon apologizes to State Trooper for firing at him

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BELLEVILLE, IL (KPLR) - A man convicted of firing on an Illinois state Police trooper learned his fate Wednesday.

A Judge Zina Cruse sentenced Gregory Nelson to serve 50 years behind bars today in court.  The judge told Nelson she watched the dash cam video and saw him pull a gun out from the waist of his pants and point it at the trooper.

The Judge Cruse asked Nelson, "How dare you?"

During the court preceding the trooper testified he suspected Nelson of drunk driving and pulled him over to perform a sobriety test.  The trooper testified Nelson got out of the car pulled out a weapon and fired one shot and the trooper returned fire.

No one was hit in the shooting.

After the encounter it was reported Nelson ran from the scene forcing an all out man hunt.

Nelson was later captured after four days.

Dash cam video of the shooting was released late this afternoon from the St. Clair State's Attorney Office.  The incident happened on June 23, 2015 near the entrance ramp to interstate 255 from State Street in East St. Louis.

In the courtroom the Judge Cruse ask Nelson if he wanted to make a statement before he was sentenced.

Nelson looked back at the trooper and apologized for his actions.  He told the judge he fired the gun accidentally and he never meant to harm anyone.

Prosecutors say Nelson is a threat to society.

Gregory Nelson will have to serve 85 percent of his 50 year prison term.